Health Sciences Program FAQs

What types of students should apply for the new and exciting Health Sciences Program?

Current 8th grade students interested in pursuing careers in health sciences or medical fields are encouraged to apply to the Health Sciences Program at Hanover High School. 

Do students become full-time students at HHS, even for extracurricular activities?

Students who enroll in the Health Sciences Program become full-time Hanover High School Students. They take all of their courses at Hanover High School and participate in extracurricular activities (including clubs, band, drama, strings, and athletics) at HHS.

Students are transported to Hanover High School via these bus routes

Are there any prerequisite courses that students must complete before entering the program?

There are no specific prerequisite courses that must be completed before entering the Health Sciences Program; however, we recommend that students complete Algebra I before they begin their ninth grade school year. Students who have not completed Algebra I while in middle school can still apply to the program, and they may receive guidance on how to advance their math level once accepted.

How long does it take to complete the Health Sciences Program?

We have designed the Health Sciences Program to be completed in four years at HHS (see the sample four year schedule for more information). 

What types of careers will this program prepare me for?

The Health Sciences Program provides students with the ability to earn professional certifications in the areas of nursing aide, emergency medical technician, pharmacy technician, and sports medicine. However, these programs provide a strong foundation that can be applied in additional or more advanced medical careers (including LPN, RN, BSN, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, physician, paramedic, firefighter, physical therapist, occupational therapist, medical research scientist, and pharmacist).

What do college and university programs think about programs like this?

When colleges and universities receive applications to their programs, they are looking for specific activities or programs that set students apart from everyone else who has applied.

What type of state diploma will students in the Health Sciences Program earn?

In the four year program of studies for the Health Sciences Program, students will complete all of the necessary course requirements to earn either a standard or advanced diploma from HHS.

Will students be able to enroll in fine arts electives in the Health Sciences program?

The Health Sciences students will have room in their schedule to take 1 to 3 electives per school year. They will be able to enroll in strings, band, chorus, drama, art, and other electives.

Will students be able to complete foreign language requirements while in the Health Sciences Program?

We encourage Health Sciences students to earn at least enough foreign language credits to fulfill this requirement for the advanced diploma. Becoming fluent in a second language is a valuable skill for health care workers.

Will students be able enroll in AP or IB courses while in the Health Sciences program?

Students will be able to take their core course at the AP or IB level where appropriate. Their electives can also be filled with AP or IB course. It should be pointed out that while it is not impossible, it would be very difficult for a student to be able to concurrently complete the Health Sciences Curriculum and the IB requirements necessary to earn an IB Diploma.

Stem and Public Safety Electives FAQs

What STEM Electives does the Specialty Center offer?

We offer two years of engineering electives, three years of electronics electives, and one year of design/multimedia/web design at the Specialty Center. You will find course descriptions in the Hanover County Program of Studies and on the Specialty Center Website.

What Public Safety Electives are offered at the Specialty Center?

Students will be able to enroll in Firefighting, EMT, and Criminal Justice. Course descriptions can be found in the Hanover County Program of Studies and on the Specialty Center Website.

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