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Hanover High School Choral Boosters

Hanover High School Chorus

Hanover High School Choral Boosters


Welcome to Hanover Chorus! Our choral family has held a prestigious reputation for quality musicianship and dedicated community for years. The choirs of Hanover High School strive to instill self-discipline, performance, collaboration, creativity, responsibility, and empathy in students while inspiring them to discover and grow their connection with singing.

About Our Director: Miss Erin Dixon

Erin DixonMiss Erin Dixon, a graduate of Mechanicsville High School, is privileged to serve as the choir director at Hanover High School in her hometown! She graduated magna cum laude from James Madison University in 2020 with a bachelor’s of music education. She was music director of JMU’s premier award winning upper voices a cappella group, Note-oriety and served as choir manager of The Madison Singers, JMU Music’s advanced auditioned choral chamber ensemble She marched saxophone for The Marching Royal Dukes for two years and even marched in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. In 2019 she was awarded the Joy Hollar Costello Endowment in Music Education Award and in 2023, the Titan Tournament of Choirs Outstanding Music Educator award.

She taught elementary music in Chesterfield County for one year before joining HCPS in the fall of 2021. Since then her choirs have had the opportunity to perform for the Hanover County School Board, at Disney’s Imagination Campus in Disney World, and have also recorded and produced music at In Your Ear Studios in Richmond, Virginia. She believes that every student should feel safe and encouraged to express their true selves through singing. She hopes they leave her classroom ready to engage with and change the world with skills and culture given by the universal influence of choral music education. She currently sings with the Richmond Symphony chorus and enjoys traveling, Taylor Swift, and trips to Target.

Our Vision

To foster our future generation's engagement with vocal music education and their lifelong support of the arts and choral singing.

The choirs of Hanover High School will strive to instill self-discipline, performance, collaboration, creativity, responsibility, and empathy in students while inspiring them to discover and grow their connection with singing. In addition to being exposed to a versatile selection of genres, styles, and composers of choral literature, students will be provided with an enriching experience in music education that supports the state and district level standards, work together building their skills as musicians, and learn how to build each other up while doing so. In their musical experiences the Hanover High School choirs will cultivate the personal and social growth of its members, enforcing a sense of belonging, growth, and family.

Chorus groupStudent Experience:

Students will experience a rigorous rehearsal process leading up to several performances with their ensembles. These rehearsals require discipline and respect for both the student and the ensemble at large that will be beneficial in academic life, as well as in the workforce long after formal music education is completed.

  • Progressive study of vocal and choral techniques and healthy pedagogy.
  • Building of sight singing skills including audiation, dictation, and interval training.
  • Exploration and development of music literacy and music theory.
  • Develop an understanding of many styles and histories of music and cultures utilizing correct rehearsal and performance techniques and etiquette.
  • Provide opportunities for performance, musical and personal growth, and creative self-expression in rehearsals and in performances both in Virginia and out-of-state.
  • Develop an understanding of the importance of music and the role music has on our community and the world in which we live. Most importantly, students will learn how they can use music to create a harmonic atmosphere in their everyday lives.


Singing in an ensemble is a unique human experience where all individuals work together to achieve a common goal. Each person and their contributions are vital to the success of the group as a whole. Specific objectives of the choral program include the following:

  • To instill a sense of personal responsibility to vocal discipline, and to be aware of vocal health issues in order to grow understanding of proper vocal technique. This is essential in the development of each individual's singing voice as well as the development of the choir. Rehearsals will focus on healthy posture, breath support, placement, color, resonance, diction, and the fundamentals of quality tone production.
  • To improve musicianship through music theory, sight singing, and collaboration across disciplines. Learning these fundamentals allows the singer to understand tonality and audition, improving their intonation and tone quality. Collaboration with other performers teaches us balance and blend, and how to become engaged citizens and supporters of the arts within our own communities.
  • To recognize many different musical styles and their relationship to culture, history, and present-day society. A variety of choral literature, including diverse composers and arrangers, will be explored ranging from the Renaissance to Modern periods with appropriate performance practice for each style of music.
  • To experience performing in small and large ensembles and as a solo artist in both informal and formal settings. Performing and attending concerts and musical performances is required of all choral students.
  • To accept responsibility as a member of the choral program at large. The singer's individuality is crucial and encouraged, but respect toward the director and fellow choir members must be maintained and it is the choral program's responsibility to do so. Building friendships and family within the choral department will allow us to work within our school and community to share the importance of choral music.

Our Choirs:

Chorus group at DisneylandBeginning Choir - Beginning SSA choir is composed of mostly freshmen, or soprano and alto students who have not taken a choir at HHS yet. Students in beginning choir will explore the foundations of strong choral singing and have the opportunity to sing both SSA and SATB choral repertoire as they often combine with tenor bass choir throughout the year.

Tenor Bass Choir - Tenor bass choir is composed of tenors, baritones, and basses of all levels. Students in TB choir have the opportunity to sing both TTB and SATB choral repertoire as they often combine with beginning choir and treble choir throughout the year.

Treble Choir - Treble choir is the Intermediate SSA choir composed of mostly sophomores and juniors who have graduated from beginning choir but choose not to audition for either SoundFX or Chante. They also perform both treble and mixed choral repertoire as they combine with tenor bass choir for concerts and assessment as well.

*SoundFX (auditioned required) - SoundFX is Hanover’s award winning mixed show choir  Each year students prepare a standard show choir set with choreography and compete throughout the spring at several competitions. Students begin working on their show during dance camp in the summer, and continue to perfect it throughout the year while engaging in collaboration, teamwork, and fun! SoundFX requires extensive additional time outside of school and larger payments to assist with travel and costume expenses.

*Chante (auditioned required) - Chante is Hanover’s most advanced treble chamber ensemble. It is composed of dedicated singers who consistently work to improve their vocal pedagogy, sight-singing, and music literacy. They pride themselves in quality singing and look forward to the competitive season each spring. Chante has won several awards and had the opportunity to record in a professional music studio in 2023. Chante rehearses during class time, but travel often for field trips, competitions, and assessment.

Hanover Choral Boosters:

Chorus groupThe Choral Booster Organization was established in 2003. The goals of the HHSCB are to serve as an active promoter and supporter of the programs, director, and activities of the Hanover High School Choral Department. The Choral Boosters raise funds to help supplement the choral department budget, while supporting student and parental involvement. Membership is highly encouraged and will help our singers succeed throughout each school year. You will find the membership form on our website.

Please feel free to contact the boosters directly by email.

President: Deanna Brown
Vice President: Fonjenik Turner
Treasurer: Holly Henty
Secretary: Maya Messer

Please feel free to contact our director, Erin Dixon, if you have any questions or concerns. You can also give her a ring at (804) 723-3756.

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